Yotta Infrastructure – Powering India’s Digital Revolution

  • Yotta Infrastructure – Powering India’s Digital Revolution
    18Jul 2020

    Yotta Infrastructure, backed by India's leading real estate, energy and construction major – The Hiranandani Group, is India's youngest Managed Data Center Service Provider, building Data Center Parks across the key hubs of Mumbai, Chennai & Delhi.

    These three data center parks shall offer a massive 80,000 racks capacity with greater than 700 MW of power to the hosted equipment / software, which is far higher than the combined available data center capacity India as of now, thus providing the most critical infrastructure for transforming the digital dream of the country into a reality.

    What makes Yotta unique is its Ownership of all key input resources, Massive Economies of Scale, Captive green Energy (solar and gas) generation and Distribution capabilities and Unmatched Expertise and Experience in Data Center domain including Design, Engineering, Construction and Operations.

    Yotta NM1, the first Data Centre by Yotta Infrastructure, was launched on 7th July. Located in Yotta Data Center Park within the 600-acre Hiranandani Fortune City in Panvel is World’s 2nd largest and Asia's largest Uptime Institute Tier 4 design certified Data Center facility that is spread across 8.2 Lakh Sq. Ft., with a capacity of 7200 Racks, 50Megawatt Power and 4 self-owned Fiber Paths connecting the data center to the world.

    Uptime Institute Tier Certification for data centers is the de-facto gold-standard worldwide for evaluating the quality of mission-critical data centers. For our customers, this Tier IV certification guarantees that all the software applications and workloads hosted there can continue to operate at superior uptime and continued performance despite any type of structural failure.

    Yotta offers a full range of New-Age Datacentre Services from this data centre right from “Yotta Colo” - Hyperscale Data centre co-location services to “Yotta Tech” - Hybrid MultiCloud, Managed IT, Managed Security, Network & Connectivity and other support services. For delivering this value to the customers, Yotta is developing strong credentials including investment in R&D on new-age technologies, onboarding of industry veterans and a vast pool of IT resources and creating a deep partnership with OEMs and start-ups alike.

    The data centre provides the critical hosting infrastructure and services to Multinational hyperscale cloud operators, OTTs, Governments at all levels and Enterprises in various tech-enabled sectors including BFSI, retail, media, manufacturing, and new-age companies in the SaaS, IoT, Machine Learning, AI and Big Data sectors.

    For more information, please visit www.yotta.com

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