Mount Alterra- a Vacation Home Project Developed by Hiranandani Communities in Khandala

  • 24Feb 2022

    Mumbai, Maharashtra, India: The value of ‘Happy Home’ as a primary shelter was underpinned during the covid pandemic, where people were confined in it for a prolonged time. The concept of live anywhere, work from anywhere emerges as the new normal, wherein the demand for wellness homes away from the humdrum of city life is rising in popularity. This culminates into the need for vacation abodes in a holiday location which enables seamless integration of work and leisure, truly offering ‘Live, Work and Play’ lifestyle. Mental wellness and rejuvenation have surfaced as a key priority among the new-age homebuyers and also augurs well for senior citizen homeowners to enjoy peaceful living. The hybrid work culture is the future of work, has offered autonomy to the homebuyers to design their work-life balance by buying vacation abodes at the leisure destinations around city peripherals.

    Dr. Niranjan Hiranandani, CMD Hiranandani Communities said-“The leisure abodes market has warmed up post-pandemic scenes in easy to access vacation hot spots in proximity to swarming megapolis. The staycation concept preferred by the working populace in the backdrop of phygital lifestyle will further fuel demand for such a second home real estate market in the vicinity of the metropolis.”

    Post covid dismay, the taste and preferences of homebuyers have inclined towards the homes that offer wellbeing and active lifestyle. As human to nature experience is fairly diminishing in this robotic age, the rising staycation homes can be plugged in to bridge the gap. Opting for leisure homes gives liberty to put the feet up and rejuvenate by easing off from the mundane lifecycle. It is not to be treated as just a financial but also a happiness investment by considering a vacation abode within a short drive aways from their current residences into the bustling cities.

    The idea of a holiday home where one can work, play, and unwind in the mountains has been garnering traction in the Mumbai metropolitan region. With homes turning into workstations, the accessible holiday hub like Khandala is a new staycation centre. Ideally located between two IT hubs Mumbai-Pune, Khandala ‘Mountain life’ is captivating and sets the right ambience for a harmonious life. The lush green spaces and the adventure of forest trails comes as a treasure for people who have had enough of living amid concrete jungles. Residents will be able to appreciate and savour the one-of-a-kind experience of owning a personal ‘holiday nest ’ at Khandala.

    Taking cues from the market sentiment, Hiranandani Communities have curated the perfect ‘leisure in green state’ experience at its unique Mount Alterra holiday homes project in Khandala, near Mumbai. It has been conceptualized with the thought of owning premium signature villa plots to build one own personalized haven. Situated in the cradle of the majestic hills of western ghats, Mt Alterra offers an elite, lifestyle-fostering feel at a unique golf club to enjoy the fad. From a Champagne dinner to star gazing nights, the way of living offered at Mt. Alterra is unrivalled. For those who are not looking at a ready villa, a plot within such a project makes for an excellent investment, offering ROIs that are lucrative.

    It is a gated community project in a hill station environment, where the early movers will undoubtedly, gain the advantage of price benefits, while end-users will have made a smart decision, buying into more than just a hill-top lifestyle, but a lifelong experience to relish an impeccable quality of life.

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