The First Community

Humanity began, as a band of nomadic hunter-gatherers who moved from place to place in search of food. Then they adopted the skills of domestication and farming and learnt to put down roots.
Thus, began the creation of The First Community.

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The First Brick

The community had surplus food and not everyone had to work as a farmer or a hunter. Others worked to make shelter, tools and crafts. Soon, whatever one did became a specialization and jobs were created. Over the time, the community saw great years and other humans followed the trend.

Creating Global Communities

Born as individuals, we are destined to be a larger community- playing our parts in the benefit of the whole. We stand out as an organization which specializes in building not just townships but creating better communities. Over the years, we have developed the art of creating global communities, which appeal to citizens the world over, providing an environment of healthy lifestyle, amidst bountiful nature and modern luxuries.

Hiranandani Communities

The pillars of our philosophy

The community is our reason of existence and
its happiness is our motivation

- Niranjan Hiranandani
We believe, communities are our reason of existence. Everything we create, be it in real estate, education, healthcare, hospitality or entertainment, is made to create better lifestyle for the community. From better aesthetic designs and architecture, that are recognized the world over, to providing the luxury of a bountiful nature, with acres of landscaped gardens and tree lined boulevards, and yet making accessible the necessities of a global lifestyle – high end retail, hi tech hospitals, world cuisines, walk to work office environments, we enhance the joy of living and make life a celebration at Hiranandani Communities.

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